Lying in Electricity
Opening aria from London Experimental Variety Show 2019, performed by Clint. With exclusive additional ending.

So Long As The World Contains Us Both
Written for Caroline Kennedy, Open Mike, and Eli Carvajal to be performed at Clint's Xmas No. 1 at The Rosemary Branch Theatre 2018. Featuring 'Roman Candles' by Eli Carvajal. Version performed by James Oldham, Open Mike and Eli Carvajal.

A Boogie Woogie demo for Whole Punch, October 2018 - performed by Clint

Hold Me Close
A duet between Open Mike and Clint from Whole Punch

Toxoplasma Gondii (Burn Me Down)
From the Waste Paper Opera Company project Vorephilia. Performed by Clint at Whole Punch and House of Idiot's Stupid Sunday. Music sampled from 'ii' (see below).

Vorephilia - opening section
Commissioned by the Medical Research Council and 30 Bird. Excerpts from a work in progress performance of Vorephilia - an opera written in collaboration with micro-biologist Gareth Bloomfield and artist Gary Zhexi Zhang

Red Flamingoes
One of Clint's 'gonzo-pop arias'

Dorcha - The Miniatures Project - Vol. 1 - Ofelia 1
Dorcha - The Miniatures Project - Vol. 1 - Ofelia 2
Dorcha - The Miniatures Project - Vol. 1 - Ofelia 3
Written for a BSA production of Hamlet and adapted for Birmingham-based band Dorcha for Anna Palmer's Miniatures Project

'i' - The Opera: Princess's Lamento
The Princess's opening aria in Waste Paper Opera's 2017 production of 'i' - The Opera. Co-written by Klara Kofen.

'i' - The Opera: Inventor Loop
Electronic loop from 'i'.

Recorded by Ed Bennett's Decibel at Real World Studios

For Clarinet, Viola, Piano. Performed by Incus Ensemble.

For Dick Higgins
A spin off sung realisation of the last section of 'ii'

The Remarkable Rocket: Overture
From the 2016 Waste Paper Opera production of The Remarkable Rocket at Tête à Tête's Cubitt Sessions. Co-written with Klara Kofen, musical direction: Daniel Galbreath.

The Remarkable Rocket - Dragonfly
Performed live on BBC Radio 3's In Tune

Strong Lines I: What is Our Life?
Strong Lines II: Sic Vita
Strong Lines III: To His Watch

Three lute songs. Poems from The Metaphysical Poets Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry King, and Lord Herbert of Cherbury. Zürich, 2016.

The Coffee Opera: Frame B
Conducted by John Butt. Music of the Spheres commission, performed at CCA Glasgow.

Four of Them
Recorded in a Coull Quartet workshop at Walled City Music Festival

A symphonic story for all ages, performed by Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra

Playford's Master Tunes I: Jack Pudding
Playford's Master Tunes II: An Old Man is a Bed Full of Bones

Playford's Master Tunes III: The Punk's Delight

A setting of tunes from John Playford's English Dancing Master.

Town of Flowers
Performed by Decibel and The Epic Brigadiers

Boogie Woogie Apocalypse
Performed by Orkest de Ereprijs at Gaudeamus Young Composers Meeting 2012, Apeldoorn

Untitled: Inspired by a Painting of the Same Title
For orchestra. Using the same structure as the painting Untitled (2/70) by Jeremy Moon