Waste Paper Opera is an experimental music theatre collective currently based in London. Defining ‘Waste Paper’ as any found text with the potential for recontextualisation, we write music, build structures, make costumes, and write stories using Waste Paper. Exploration of the possibilities for collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and multimedia ‘worlding' from opera is the nervous system of our work. We work with performers, researchers, artists and makers from a spectrum of fields to converge perspectives and inputs. Our work destabilises dominant narratives and linear causal relations. We examine the power of narrative to convey knowledges of storytelling to distribute new scientific paradigms, and of language to generate possibilities for the human within ‘nature’. We turn to AI and the biology of parasites for models of being in the world. Fictions told from multiple human and non-human perspectives explore timescales from the life cycles of viruses to the cosmic, and interlace frontier technology and historical myth.

Artistic Director: James Oldham and Klara Kofen

Founded by James Oldham in 2012