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Clint's Christmas No. 1
18, 19, 20 December 2018
Rosemary Branch Theatre
Tickets available now!

The 1980s was the decade of the Christmas No. 1 in the UK charts. But there was a Christmas single that, if released, would have been the greatest hit of all time. No one has ever heard this Christmas song, until now. Former 80s game show host and F-list pop star Clint invites you to step into his hypothetical Christmas No. 1 Hit, but this is not a 1980s tribute show – far from it.

After the raging success of ‘i’ – The Opera, Waste Paper Opera now bring you an interdisciplinary theatre project like no other that combines pop music, new music composition, opera, clowning, mime, improvisation and Christmas games where you can win ridiculous prizes. ​

This unique Christmas experience has developed out of the variety show Whole Punch – A Waste Paper Opera Night – starring some of the finest and most versatile performers in the city including composers, mime artists, physical performers, opera singers, instrumentalists, clowns and game show hosts. Our hilarious, moving and highly experimental tale will be everything you could wish for this Christmas (probably – I mean, how could we know that?)

James Oldham: Composer, Host, Vocalist, Electronics
Klara Kofen: Costume Design, Video, Lighting, Live Sound
Rob Duncan: Clown, Host
Ellie Westbrook: Vocalist, Clown, Composer, Accordionist
Caroline Kennedy: Soprano
Frankie Thompson: Mime, Clown
Daniel Galbreath: Violist, Vocalist, Conductor​
Lara Agar: Violinist, Vocalist

“The word eclectic, so often misused, at last gets some real-world rehabilitation in this genuinely exciting, surprising and thoughtful evening of music, theatre and comedy.”
– Charlotte Valori (Operissima)

“Actually refreshingly original”
​– Andrew Hamilton