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Part A+B: Medieval Retro (for flute, objects and knight)

I am working towards an an experimental TV pilot. This video represents some ideas that came together throughout this year. I'm really into AB structures and object agency - particularly for abstract comic effect. This part of the TV show is built around a Riot Ensemble commission for solo instrument.

The flute part is played by Kate Walter and the knight is Tom Goodwin.

Purgatory Shelf Object Theatre Variety Show

Purgatory Shelf Object Theatre Variety Show [on demand] from Sally O'Reilly on Vimeo.

Co-produced by The Open Arms and Waste Paper Opera. Broadcast 30/07/20 at 8pm BST on
Hosted by my alter-ego Clint and featuring object theatre short films from a variety of artists from a variety of practices.

Visit The Open Arms here: